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Investments in business and education are on the agenda of Turkmen-American cooperation

07.11.2022 | 22:40 |
 Investments in business and education are on the agenda of Turkmen-American cooperation

Promotion of investments in the private sector of Turkmenistan is one of the most important programs implemented in the country through the USAID agency. Promoting the growth of small and medium-sized businesses will see a huge difference in the lives of ordinary people, said US Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu.

– In December, a trade mission is expected within the framework of the Turkmen-American Business Council, which will include top executives of American companies, they will have meetings with the government of Turkmenistan and with representatives of the business community. And we hope this will serve to expand trade and economic ties with your country,” the diplomat said during a Sunday briefing in Ashgabat.

According to him, through USAID and other implementing partners, the US is investing about $7 million a year in the support program in Turkmenistan. Under the new programs announced by Blinken in September, funds from an additional 25 million per region for economic growth will be added to this. But the most positive impact, according to the assistant secretary of state, will be the attraction of private investment in the economy of Turkmenistan.

“There are billions of dollars available in investment, both in the US and in other countries around the world, if only to show the potential that exists within the country,” Lu added.

Инвестиции в бизнес и образование – на повестке туркмено-американского сотрудничества

During the briefing, the Assistant Secretary of State shared the latest news that the government of Turkmenistan has given permission to resume the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program, suspended for two years due to the pandemic.

– 920 Turkmen students participated in this program, receiving scholarships and the opportunity to study in high schools in American schools for a year. We are now pleased to announce the recruitment of candidates for this program for the next academic year,” said Donald Lu.

When asked by ORIENT whether it is planned to open an American university in Turkmenistan in the foreseeable future, the Assistant Secretary of State replied:

– For many years, we have supported the English language program in Turkmenistan, funded the university student exchange program. Now we are funding a program that involves inviting American professors in English and economics to the International University for the Humanities and Development. Instead of opening a specifically American university, we aim to strengthen the potential of Turkmen higher education institutions.

Another question from ORIENT was about why Donald Lu, making a tour of Central Asian countries in May this year, did not stop by Turkmenistan. To which the diplomat first said that Turkmenistan "is so important that it was necessary to make a separate visit." Then he explained that the reason was the restrictions imposed in the country due to the global pandemic, in connection with which it was difficult for the American delegation to fly then, but this time it was possible to use the flight of Turkmen airlines from Frankfurt to Ashgabat.

"Turkmenistan's resumption of international regular flights will improve opportunities for businessmen, diplomats and tourists who want to visit your wonderful country," Donald Lu concluded.

At the end of the meeting, he thanked the journalists for their work, addressing them in Russian:

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