Neapolitan etudes on the eve of the World Student Games

Neapolitan etudes on the eve of the World Student Games

Getting in Naples, located almost in the southern edge of Italy, one has mixed feelings. On the one hand, the spirit of history can be sensed at every step, but can it be otherwise if a huge number of ancient buildings and rare books has been preserved in the city. On the other hand, the feeling does not leave you for a minute that Naples (after all, this name is translated as “New City”) now acquires a second youth, having again become a sort of daring and inquiring teenager.

What is most striking here? Firstly, it is the harmonious coexistence of a variety of architectural styles, representing many trends and periods. However, it absolutely does not affront the eyes when you see a high-rise building of glass and concrete found side by side with the beautiful facade of the 18th century with ivy-encircled balconies.

Secondly, you constantly catch yourself in instinctive visual search for the Vesuvius that destroyed legendary Pompey. By the way, it is still considered an active volcano. Well, you cannot help looking for it. And it is due to give credit that it is perfectly visible from many points in Naples.

Thirdly, the city is surprisingly welcoming, which is expressed in the smiles of Neapolitans, in their readiness to direct and give a hand.... Or, not without it, try to sell you something.

And what are the beautiful views of the Gulf of Naples, when its azure waters merge somewhere on the horizon with the similar sky in color, creating visual masterpieces worthy of the most famous marine painters.

Well, the city is noisy and loud in an Italian way. But this, in principle, is absolutely not annoying. And how is it even possible to remain sullen when walking along a completely modern avenue with rows of banks on both sides, you suddenly turn to a narrow street and find yourself in the atmosphere glorified by Fellini’s films? What is missing is freshly washed linen fluttering in the wind between the houses. However, there is no linen – time is different. As for the rest – it is rather breathtaking from an instant transition into other time and a completely different era.

These days, even an inexperienced tourist will at once put Naples an accurate and ruthless diagnosis. The city is in fever. It is a cheer for the Student Games! Its soon opening is felt everywhere. The streets of the city founded in the second millennium BC are crowded with tourists, participants and guests of this prestigious sporting event. Just think that 127 countries delegated their teams to compete for 222 medals of the 30th World Summer Student Games.

A cheerful little girl with multi-colored hair is looking at you from the walls of old palaces and fortresses, from modern reinforced concrete structures, and just from fences. Her name is Parthenope and she is a mermaid or, as they used to say in ancient times, a siren. She is now in an excellent mood, which cannot be said about the times when this mythical creature tried to seduce and destroy the passing sailors with sweet-voiced singing. And Parthenope would have been entertained so further if not Odysseus who did not yield to her charms, was not seduced, and sailed by. According to the legend, the siren was so inconsolable from the fiasco that she had thrown herself down the sea from a high cliff and died. The body of the fairy-tale creature was carried by waves to the modern Gulf of Naples and left there. And now, the Capodimonte Mountain is in place of her head, and her feet formed Cape Posillipo.

And soon the city appeared here, which is now called Naples. Its first name was Parthenope, in honor of the tragically lost treacherous mermaid-seductress, which, for some reason, is still humanly pity.

But let’s go back to the Student Games. Today Parthenope is the official symbol of the main student competitions. And this is deservedly.

The slogan of this grand sporting event, held every two years is ToBeUnique. Being in Naples, you understand that this is exactly what will happen - at the highest level, competently, and in a new way - unique.

Turkmenistan participates in the 30th World Summer Student Games in six sports. Students of Turkmenistan have already begun to come to this hospitable southern Italian city to train and acclimatize.

Already on July 4, competitions will start in fencing, judo and swimming, to which tennis players, athletes, and archers will join later. There will not be an easy competition, and no one expects it, since it is the participation in such competitions that tempers the athletes and makes them real masters, bringing medals at the World Championships and Olympiads to their countries.

Well, on July 3, the Student Games opening ceremony will be held. The organizers promise everything, including revolutionary special effects, creative ideas and three-dimensional Vesuvius. More than one and a half thousand people are to participate in the show, and the coherence was rehearsed for more than one month. May this grand sporting event be interesting and entertaining, because Naples deserves that! And the Student Games are worthy of this city.