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Five freight locomotives were sent to Turkmenistan by the Russian “Transmashholding”

01.11.2022 | 08:17 |
 Five freight locomotives were sent to Turkmenistan by the Russian “Transmashholding”

Bryansk Machine-Building Plant (part of Transmashholding JSC) has sent five 2TE25KM mainline freight locomotives to the Turkmen state railway operator – AOOT Demiryollary, according to the website of the Russian manufacturer.

Transmashholding fulfilled the contract concluded in August 2022.

Freight locomotives of the Bryansk Machine-Building Plant are already known in Turkmenistan. In 2021, the company "Demiryollary" acquired one diesel locomotive, which has proven itself well in operation.

Representatives of Demiryollary noted the quality and reliability of Bryansk equipment, as well as expressed interest in new developments of Transmashholding and expressed their intention to continue cooperation with BMZ on updating and expanding the company's locomotive fleet.

The 2TE25KM mainline freight locomotive makes it possible to efficiently organize the transportation of large volumes of cargo on non-electrified lines of 1520 mm gauge railways. Machines of this series have been manufactured at BMZ since 2014 and have proven themselves well when working in various natural and climatic conditions (including areas with dry and hot climates) in areas with a complex path profile.


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