Tourists and businessmen arrived on the first direct flight from Tokyo

Tourists and businessmen arrived on the first direct flight from Tokyo

Turkmen airlines made the first direct flight Ashgabat-Tokyo-Ashgabat, opening a new destination this summer season in their flight geography.

Boeing 777-200LR brought tourists from Turkmenistan to the Japanese capital, and a group of Japanese tourists and businessmen also flew from Tokyo to Ashgabat.

“This is a really important and wonderful opportunity for our countries to get closer and promote business, economy, tourism, cultural exchange and friendly relations,” the guests of the Turkmen capital from the Land of the Rising Sun say.

The development of any new route always has a business case. The decision to organize direct transportation of Ashgabat-Tokyo by Turkmen airlines was also made on the basis of analysis of statistical information, traffic structure and forecasting of the aviation services market, competitive conditions and load factor of the new air service. By the way, it turned out that there is a good demand for tourist trips to Turkmenistan in Japan.

Certainly, the residents of Turkmenistan will now pay more attention to the proposals of travel companies to go to Japan. The path is now not only reduced, but also significantly cheaper.

Among those who were aboard the aircraft on this route is the ORIENT correspondent, who managed to make a short walk through the evening Tokyo before returning on the same flight. Here is his photo report: