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US Ambassador Klimov: Let's talk about methane

27.10.2022 | 18:53 |
 US Ambassador Klimov: Let's talk about methane

Since Turkmenistan is one of the leading countries in the production of natural gas and oil, an important topic on the agenda of the current oil and gas forum in Ashgabat is the management of methane emissions, according to U.S. Ambassador Matthew Stephen Klimov, who is taking part in OGT-2022.

"I am sure that in many countries, including Turkmenistan, methane emission management activities are of paramount importance," the diplomat said.

Посол США Климоу: поговорим о метане

Experts from the Norwegian consulting company Carbon Limits have been involved in this issue to participate in the OGT-2022 forum. The second day of the conference will focus on the work carried out in the United States of America to reduce methane emissions.

"The problem of global climate management will be discussed at the COP27 conference, which will begin its work in the near future. Therefore, here, in Ashgabat, now is the ideal place to talk about reducing methane emissions," the ambassador said in an interview with ORIENT on the sidelines of the forum.

"The oil and gas business is thriving because of the current situation in the world. The transition to renewable energy sources is already visible on the horizon, but until they really come to the fore, oil and gas will fill a vital place in the short and medium term," Matthew Klimov continued, adding that he has become an OGT delegate for the fifth or sixth time.

Посол США Климоу: поговорим о метане

In his opinion, discussions about new technologies with the participation of high–level experts from different countries is what makes such meetings particularly significant.

"When I talk to people working in the field of energy, we always discuss the issues of diversification of the industry in Turkmenistan. Despite the fact that the results of oil and gas exploration in the country are very promising, and Turkmenistan has a great opportunity to expand their exports," the ambassador said.


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