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Baker Hughes: field exploration is a priority area of cooperation with Turkmenistan

27.10.2022 | 07:28 |
 Baker Hughes: field exploration is a priority area of cooperation with Turkmenistan

Baker Hughes is an American multinational corporation that provides solutions in the field of energy and industry around the world, actively cooperates with Turkmenistan in the field of oil and gas exploration. The company has been on the market relatively recently – since 2019, however, it takes an active part in energy and gas chemical projects implemented in Turkmenistan. Alexander Ustyuzhanin, Sales Manager at Baker Hughes, told ORIENT about these and other areas of the concern's activities on the sidelines of the OGT-2022 International Oil and Gas forum.

– The list of services of an oilfield service company includes drilling, reserves assessment, field development, etc. At the moment, we are cooperating with the largest operators in the field of oil and gas exploration both onshore and offshore in the Caspian Sea, using our most modern technologies.

At the Turkmen site, we want to present our developments and solutions used in the transportation of energy resources. Baker Hughes has committed to achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050 and investing in new technologies to help customers solve this problem.

Baker Hughes: разведка месторождения – приоритетная сфера сотрудничества c Туркменистаном

The company can monitor and detect emissions using the most modern methods and approaches, as well as use alternative energy sources for this.

The International Oil and Gas Conference creates a unique opportunity to meet with all operators and state–owned companies at once, to get acquainted with the state of the country's energy resources and new infrastructure, which allows companies like ours to calibrate their investments, Ustyuzhanin noted.


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