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CNPC – Premier Partner of the OGT–2022 International Conference

16.10.2022 | 19:06 |
 CNPC – Premier Partner of the OGT–2022 International Conference

CNPC is the Premier partner of the International Conference “Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan” (OGT 2022), which will be held on October 26-28 in Ashgabat.

The OGT 2022 will gather key representatives of the state and private organizations, including regulators, market players, investors, researchers, and experts. They will present unique ideas and analytical discussions on global trends in the development of the fuel and energy sector and geopolitics.

CNPC – генеральный партнер международного форума OGT-2022

The Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is a comprehensive international energy company with a leading position in the world. The CNPC is active in oil and gas investment operations throughout 38 countries and provides engineering and technical services at oil and gas facilities in 82 countries and regions.

The CNPC started cooperation with Turkmenistan in 2007 and today operates on exploration and development of oil and gas fields, drilling and maintenance of wells, engineering construction, production of technical equipment, product sales, and financial services. The support of both countries’ governments and the joint works of the CNPC and the State Concern “Turkmengas” indicate the success of this cooperation.

CNPC – генеральный партнер международного форума OGT-2022

In 2009, the Turkmenistan-China main gas pipeline was put into operation; and in 2021, the volume of supplies of Turkmen gas through this pipeline exceeded 300 billion cubic meters. Today, the company aims to enhance cooperation on innovative technologies in the oil and gas industry, modernization of industrial infrastructure, digitalization of deposits, development, and use of new energy sources, logistics development, etc.

The CNPC has accumulated extensive experience in training specialists for the oil and gas sector of Turkmenistan and intends to strengthen in this direction of its work. The company also actively participates in social projects at the local level, for instance, it was among the sponsors of the Asian Indoor Games, the World Weightlifting Championships, and Oil & Gas Forums and Conferences.

CNPC – генеральный партнер международного форума OGT-2022

In light of global energy transformation and reduction of hydrocarbon emissions, natural gas as a low-carbon and environmentally friendly energy source is key to the transition to new energy sources. Therefore, natural gas is a strategic choice for China in the development of energy transformation for a long-term period and expects a continuous and steady growth of natural gas consumption in the Chinese market.

Currently, there are three lines of the Turkmenistan-China pipeline A, B, and C, and the laying of the D line is planned. The Chinese gas market has broad prospects. In this regard, both sides are making joint efforts to further expand the range and scale of cooperation for the benefit of the people of Turkmenistan and China.

The CNPC facilitates vocational education for Turkmen youth in higher educational institutions of the PRC.

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