II CEF: Turkmenistan is an important hub of Eurasian routes

II CEF: Turkmenistan is an important hub of Eurasian routes

"The Caspian Sea: The Eurasian Transport and Logistics Hub" – a round table under this name was held today as part of the II Caspian Economic Forum in Moscow.

The collegial meeting was attended by members of the Turkmen delegation representing the country's transport complex, in particular, Deputy Director General of the Agency for Transport and Communications under the Cabinet of Ministers Batyr Annayev addressed the delegates of the forum.

He spoke about which international transit corridors running through the territory of Turkmenistan are actively developing today, what measures have been taken in the country to modernize the relevant infrastructure, and what it can offer to regional partners in the field of transportation as an important hub of trans-Caspian, Eurasian routes.

Deputy Ministers of Transport, Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Deputy Minister of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan, Vice Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan and others also spoke during the meeting.

After the main part, a general discussion was held with the participation of representatives of a number of companies, in which special attention was paid to the transport potential of the countries of the Caspian region, including the Astrakhan region, with which Turkmenistan has established strong, long-term and promising ties in the field of logistics, an example of which is the creation of a Logistics Center of Turkmenistan on the territory of the special economic zone "Lotus".

Representatives of the transport complex of Turkmenistan also met with Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zverev on the sidelines of the forum.