GT auctions: LNG and cotton yarn were in demand

GT auctions: LNG and cotton yarn were in demand

On Saturday, September 10, 4 deals totaling $351.8 thousand and 11.7 million Turkmen manats were concluded at the auctions of the State Commodity Exchange of Turkmenistan, ORIENT correspondent reports.

The representative of Afghanistan purchased a total of 220 tons of liquefied gas for a total of $155.9 thousand. The price of LNG decreased by 0.3% compared to the previous auction and amounted to $527 per ton.

A businessman from Azerbaijan signed a deal for the supply of 71.5 thousand kg of cotton yarn for $235.9 thousand. Business circles from the UAE purchased 269.5 thousand kg of these products for 11.7 million TMT.

Information about the goods put up for auction can be found on the website of the State Commodity Exchange of Turkmenistan at this link.

Trades in the agriculture, industry and communications sections, as well as the shopping complex, begin from Mon.-Fri. 16:00, Sat. 11:30. Stock trades in the oil and gas sector are held from Mon.-Fri. 16:30, Sat. 12:00.

At the same time on the website you can get acquainted with the continuation of the sale of exchange goods directly from manufacturers by contacting through the functionality of the platform. It is also possible to publish an announcement on the sale of exchange-traded goods.