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Turkmenistan attaches great importance to the digitalization of the transport sector

17.08.2022 | 03:03 |
 Turkmenistan attaches great importance to the digitalization of the transport sector

Digitalization is one of the key drivers for the progressive development of the transport industry in the modern world, and Turkmenistan attaches great importance to these trends, said Khadzhimurat Khudaikuliyev, chairman of the “Turkmensvyaz” Agency, speaking at the ministerial transport conference of landlocked countries in Avaza.

– Yesterday, it was enough for consumers of transport services to send and receive cargo safe and sound on time,” said the head of the agency. – Today, the trend has changed, and they need to track the cargo, know what condition it is in, where it is located and for what reason it is delayed, how its safety is ensured. And with this information, they optimize logistics processes.

Digital platforms are becoming increasingly important for searching for cargo and promptly processing documentation for their further transportation. The importance of programs that allow predicting the conditions of transportation in real time is increasing.

председатель агентства «Туркменсвязь» Хаджимурат Худайкулиев

Taking into account global trends, amendments were made to the Customs Code of Turkmenistan, which should make it possible to simplify customs procedures through digitalization, Khudaikuliyev emphasized. At the same time, the country is taking active and purposeful measures in order to join international transport corridors.

In accordance with the previously adopted long-term concepts and development programs, Turkmenistan is steadily gaining experience in the field of digitalization and, together with foreign partners, is successfully implementing large infrastructure projects aimed at creating an extensive combined transport system, which is especially useful for developing countries that do not have access to the sea, the chairman of the agency "Turkmensvyaz" said.


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