Breathe fresh air with the help of... nanotechnologies!

Breathe fresh air with the help of... nanotechnologies!

For as long as I can remember, adults have been scaring me and my peers with malicious viruses and harmful microbes since childhood. But even after growing up, few of us imagined that we would have to live in an era when microscopic organisms would rule our planet. Reading the frightening news at the peak of mass getting sick, we were visited by seditious thoughts that not man is the master of nature, but the infectious agents command the world, for which we are both food and housing at the same time.

Pharmaceutical firms and companies raced to create remedies for a new scourge, and then competed with each other in advertising, whose remedy is more effective. There were many recommendations, but with any preventive instructions and therapeutic processes, doctors were unanimous in their opinion about the need to ventilate rooms where both healthy people and patients are located.

However, at the same time, we let dust into our mini-habitat (it is also a carrier of infection), as well as exhaust gases (if a highway is laid next to your house), pollen of plants that can cause allergies (if there are thickets of green spaces nearby), smog and smoke (if there are industrial facilities nearby), all kinds of insects – flies, mosquitoes, etc.

And in some cases, we let all this together into the wide open windows. What to do?

It turns out there is a way!

Дышите свежим воздухом с помощью… нанотехнологий!

I found out about this, not in a medical institution, but at... the exhibition of industrial and construction products, where I drew attention to a small and, compared to others, modest stand where a window mesh made of nanomaterials was demonstrated.

According to Ruslan Karanov, director of the private enterprise "Kesgir Bulak", it protects from all the misfortunes that I have listed above, including viruses, bacteria and microbes. Plus, it protects from solid microparticles in the air and ultraviolet radiation, from smoke and drafts, as well as from many other harmful substances that can invade your life through open windows.

And the secret of such reliable protection is that the window mesh is made of tightly woven nanofibers, each of which is 1000 times thinner than a human hair.

Дышите свежим воздухом с помощью… нанотехнологий!

In other words, the nanomesh is so dense that it does not allow all kinds of allergens, microbes, viruses, bacteria, dust, the notorious Aral salt, all kinds of midges, whose sizes are larger than the gaps between tightly woven nanofibers, to enter the room.

In addition, such nanofilters do not allow raindrops to pass through. Imagine: how nice it is in a spring thunderstorm, having opened the windows wide, to let in not rainwater, but fresh, invigorating air saturated with negative ions.

Дышите свежим воздухом с помощью… нанотехнологий!

What is needed for this?

Contact the "Kesgir Bulak" company by calling the control room and specifying your address. Their employee, who will measure the windows, will come to you at the appointed time, and in a day or two, having delivered a window frame with a nanofilter, will install it.

– Everything starts with something at some point, but it also has an ending. And what is the reliability resource of the window mesh? – I ask the director of the company.

– The nanofilter will serve you for more than ten years. The only thing you need is to wash it with running water every 3-6 months from dirt, dust, etc., which could not penetrate into your apartment and got stuck on the surface of the window nanofilter. And if you don't have time for the washing procedure, then our company's employees can do it. And you can see what the nanofibers and the internal structure of the nanoset look like at 60x zooming," Ruslan said, and immediately demonstrated it.

"We have four types of nets," he continued. – They are of different colors and properties. For example, you can order a "Light" mesh . It lets in more air, but if a person has asthma, any lung diseases, suffers from allergies, then he can protect himself with a black or gray nanofilter - they have more tightly woven fibers. And the quality of our products is confirmed by a number of international certificates…

Looking at the multiple zoom and listening to Ruslan Karmanov's story, I realized what I needed to do so that I always had clean fresh air at home...