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Industrial gas inflow was received at the new field in Mary

01.08.2022 | 22:23 |
 Industrial gas inflow was received at the new field in Mary

Turkmen geologists have received an industrial inflow of natural gas at the new "Sherepli" field in the southeastern region of Turkmenistan, the official press writes today.

Up to 695 thousand cubic meters of natural gas will be extracted daily from the operational and evaluation well № 01, the project depth of which is 2.6 thousand meters, experts calculated. It is expected that in the future the daily flow rate of the well will increase.

Natural gas from the new field is remarkable by the absence of hydrogen sulfide in its composition, which indicates its compliance with high quality standards and great prospects on the world market.

The increase in natural gas production is ensured by the modernization of the production process and the coordinated work of the geologists of the "Turkmengazburavlayysh" department, who have worked at the field for about six months.

In total, wells are currently being drilled simultaneously in three new gas fields in the Mary region, including "Kelleli" and "Yylan". Drilling operations at the well № 02 will begin in the nearest future at the "Sherepli" field.


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