The number of flights between Turkmenistan and Russia increased to four per week

The number of flights between Turkmenistan and Russia increased to four per week

Since July, Turkmenistan airlines has increased the number of flights between Turkmenistan and Russia to four per week, according to the website of the airline's representative office in the Russian Federation.

Flights will be operated from Ashgabat International Airport to Moscow Domodedovo Airport and Kazan International Airport. The planes will return from Moscow to the city of Turkmenbashi, and from Kazan - to the city of Turkmenabat.

Flights Ashgabat-Kazan-Turkmenabat will be operated:

– on Wednesdays, departure from Ashgabat at 14:55, arrival in Kazan at 16:30, departure from Kazan at 18:30, arrival in Turkmenabat at 23:30,
– on Sundays, departure from Ashgabat at 20:30, arrival in Kazan at 22:05, departure from Kazan at 23:35, arrival in Turkmenabat at 04:45.

Flights Ashgabat-Moscow-Turkmenbashi will be operated:

– on Tuesdays, departure from Ashgabat at 19:25, arrival in Moscow at 21:15, departure from Moscow at 22:45, arrival in Turkmenbashi at 04:15,
– on Thursdays, departure from Ashgabat at 07:35, arrival in Moscow at 09:25, departure from Moscow at 10:55, arrival in Turkmenbashi at 16:25.

You can buy air tickets for flights from Russia at the General Agent of “Turkmenistan” Airlines in St. Petersburg (8 (812) 4599899; mobile phone +79119300080,, or at the ticket office of Domodedovo Airport in Moscow.

Previously, ORIENT published requirements to passengers of international flights of Turkmenistan airlines, both for departing from Turkmenistan, and arriving in the country and following in transit.

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