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Turkmen chess player became the "Queen of the World"

26.06.2022 | 23:22 |
 Turkmen chess player became the "Queen of the World"

On Saturday, Turkmen chess player Lala Shohradova became the winner of the final stage of the World Chess Festival “Queens Online”.

Lala secured a win ahead of schedule in the tournament after 8 rounds, eventually gaining 7.5 points in 9 games in category B, where chess players with a current FIDE rating from 1800 to 1999 participated.

Lala's closest competitor, Azeri Aysel Mammadova, was one point behind her, while US representative Ashley Pang came third with 6 points out of 9 possible.

It should be noted that, as is customary in official online chess tournaments, the results are announced a few days after the video and audio recordings and all played games are carefully checked by the panel of judges for "cheating" in order to exclude cases of use of special chess applications by tournament participants.

Туркменская шахматистка стала «Королевой мира»

After the official announcement of the winners, in addition to the title of "Queen of the World", the winner will also be awarded the right to attend the World Chess Olympiad, which will be held in India in July-August this year. However, Lala is already planning to participate in this main event for the world chess community on behalf of the national women's team of Turkmenistan.

Another significant prize for the winners of the tournament will be a free series of online training sessions with famous female grandmasters this autumn.

Also, the team of Turkmenistan made its way to the final part of the world women's competition, which will enter the battle tomorrow, June 26 at 17:00 Ashgabat time. It will be possible to cheer for Turkmen chess girls live link.

Туркменская шахматистка стала «Королевой мира»

In addition to Lala Shohradova (category B, rating 1856), Turkmenistan will be represented at the final stage by Dzhemal Ovezdurdiyeva (category A, rating 2061), Meriem Agadzhanova (category C, rating 1783) and Enesh Arazmedova (category D).

In the team standings at the qualifying Asian stage of the tournament, Turkmenistan took the prestigious 3rd place, losing only to the traditionally strong teams of China and Iran and leaving behind 20 teams.

A series of continental tournaments among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, as well as the global final stage of the ‘Queens Online’ tournament, are held as part of the ‘Year of the Woman in Chess’ announced in 2022 by the World Chess Federation.

The main sponsor of the team of Turkmen girls-chess players at the world stage of the festival "Queens" is the company "Nur Ýupek". In addition, the Saraýan company and the Yyldyz hotel in Ashgabat provide assistance.

ORIENT congratulates Lala Shokhradova, as well as the Chairman of the Chess Federation of Turkmenistan Vepa Myalikgulyev, on the “royal” victory!


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