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"Green Necklace" of Turkmenistan has received an international certificate

24.06.2022 | 05:39 |
 "Green Necklace" of Turkmenistan has received an international certificate

145 million trees "encircles" Ashgabat and other settlements of the country today. The "green necklace" has been strung for the past 20 years, planting 3 million trees every year. The total area of artificial forests of coniferous, deciduous and fruit trees currently exceeds 185 thousand hectares.

Such impressive figures were announced today at the international conference "Environmental Aspects of hydrocarbon Resources extraction", held in Ashgabat on June 23. Speaking at the forum, Jumamyrat Saparmyradov, an expert of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan, said that the planting of green spaces is carried out within the framework of the national landscaping program. In Turkmenistan, the issues of environmental protection, environmental safety and rational use of natural resources are one of the foundations of state policy and large-scale work on greening the country has acquired an indicative character on an international scale today.

For the country's contribution to the global process of restoring forests and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the UN Economic Commission for Europe awarded the city of Ashgabat an international certificate within the framework of the "Challenge: Trees in Cities" initiative.


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