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A chess player from Turkmenistan became a grandmaster

12.05.2022 | 01:58 |
 A chess player from Turkmenistan became a grandmaster

Turkmen chess player Meylis Annaberdyev was awarded the highest chess title – grandmaster. The decision on this was made at the 1st meeting of the FIDE Council in Abu Dhabi in April this year.

The current rating of the young grandmaster - 2507 points (excluding the results of the last tournament in which Meilis participated), is the highest among Turkmen chess players.

Currently, seven representatives of the Turkmen chess school are grandmasters. In July-August, it is planned that athletes from Turkmenistan will participate in the World Chess Olympiad in India, where they will be able to improve their ratings.

The championship of Turkmenistan in chess among men and women will be organized very soon, at which the selection of the strongest players for the above-mentioned Olympiad will be made.


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