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The election campaign in Turkmenistan is close to completion

08.03.2022 | 18:38 |
 The election campaign in Turkmenistan is close to completion

In Ashgabat on Monday, meetings were held between the voters of the capital and candidates for the presidency of Turkmenistan running from initiative groups of citizens - Berdymammet Gurbanov, head physician of the Avaza sanatorium in the Balkan region and Maksat Odeshov, chairman of the district committee of the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan in the Dashoguz region.

They acquainted the representatives of the electorate with the main points of their election programs and outlined their vision of the key tasks of national development in general and in a number of leading industries, as well as in foreign policy.

Applicants for the highest state post answered voters' questions, talking about what changes they intend to implement in specific areas.

The presidential elections in Turkmenistan will be held on Saturday, March 12. On March 11, before the vote, there will be a “day of silence”. 2,726 national observers and international missions are monitoring the course of the election campaign.


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