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The mission of observers from the CIS opened its headquarters in Turkmenistan and began to work

03.03.2022 | 00:43 |
 The mission of observers from the CIS opened its headquarters in Turkmenistan and began to work

The mission of observers from the Commonwealth of Independent States, which arrived in Ashgabat on the invitation of the Turkmen side in connection with the forthcoming March 12 presidential elections in Turkmenistan, has begun its work. This was reported by the Central Election Commission.

Observers, within their powers, will observe the course of the election campaign and directly the voting on election day. The mission was headed by the First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee - CIS Executive Secretary Leonid Anfimov.

Previously, during a meeting with the leadership of the Central Commission for Elections and Referendums in Turkmenistan, international observers were acquainted with the action plan of the CEC and, in general, with the work done at places.

The current election campaign reflects the main principles of existing international norms - universal suffrage, voluntary participation of citizens in elections held on an alternative basis, the creation of equal opportunities for all nominated candidates, freedom of election campaigning, protection of the electoral rights of citizens, publicity and openness.

All conditions have been created for the work of international observers for monitoring the election campaign, including meetings with proxies of candidates for the highest state post, including the opening of the Mission Headquarters, equipped with the necessary office equipment and communications.

The duties of the Mission staff include: assistance in the accreditation of observers, resolving organizational issues, the distribution of observers by region and determining the order of their work on the day of the presidential election, preparing forms for observers' reports and their analysis.

As Leonid Anfimov stressed, the CIS Observer Mission will carry out its activities on the basis of generally accepted international norms, independently, without interfering in the internal affairs of the state. The objective of the Mission is to promote the holding of free and democratic elections.


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