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A cloned bloodhound is being trained by the Chinese police

25.03.2019 | 11:30 |
 A cloned bloodhound is being trained by the Chinese police

A three-month-old puppy Kunsiun is a clone of a seven-year-old police dog-sniffer, a Kunming Sheepdog breed named Huahuanma, which was bred in China based on a hybrid of a dog and a wolf.

In 2016, Huahuanma received an award for his contribution to the disclosure of murders and is one of the best four-legged "police officers".

Making a copy of one of the best dogs will help the Chinese police in the future to reduce the cost of training search dogs, reports China Daily.

The biotechnologists of the Sinogene company were engaged in cloning with the support of Yunnan Agricultural University and the Ministry of Public Security of the PRC.

Kunsiun is expected to become as valuable an “employee”, thanks to his inherited abilities. A puppy-clone will be trained to look for drugs and evidence, as well as in guarding skills. At the age of 10 months, it is expected to become a full-fledged service dog.

According to experts, the birth of Kunsuin opens up new opportunities in the cloning of police dogs and can significantly reduce the time for training animals, but it’s too early to talk about mass animal breeding in this way.

Typically, training police dogs takes up to five years and costs 60-70 thousand dollars, while there are no guarantees that the dog will make a first-class bloodhound.

The first cloned labrador dogs appeared in 2007, and were used to search for drugs in the service of South Korean customs.


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