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Pushkin Theater gave a charity performance

30.04.2018 | 03:42 |
 Pushkin Theater gave a charity performance


The first private center for helping homeless animals, “Island of Hope”, attracts more attention. On Sunday, April 29, the Ashgabat Pushkin Theater joined the marathon of good, organized by the ORIENT for public support of the “Island of Hope”. The actors of the theater performed the children's spectacle based on the Turkmen popular tale “The Adventures of Hudayberdi”. All earnings from the sale of tickets have already been transferred to the account of the center.

Actors, disguised as amusing little animals, greeted every guest at the entrance. The young spectators were happy to make photo, chat and play with actors in expactation of the beginning of the performance.

After the third bell, Ashirmuhammet Rahmanov, Stage Director of the theater, greeted the audience and together with Tatyana Galberg, Director of the “Island of Hope”, told the audience about the important mission that the center performs for homeless animals.

The topic aroused interest in small theatergoers and their parents. Many have written down the contact number and promised to keep in touch with Tatiana and support the center not only by participating in charitable actions, but also directly by bringing food, medicines and by even taking up several pets.

The playbill promised the audience a real Dev – a fairy-tale monstr. There were three of them on the stage. The children were laughed at amusing costumes and attempts of Dev to defeat Hudaiberdi Silach (Brave Hudaiberdi) rather than were intimidated by terrible fabulous monsters.

The whole hall empathized with the main character of the story and the unlucky Devs, who also seemed to need protection and help. This atmosphere of empathy united the actors and spectators, who jointly supported homeless animals.

The special project “Island of Hope” received support from both state bodies and private enterprises, as well as from citizens and volunteers non indifferent to the fate of animals.

In the beginning of April the educational center, “Dalchin”, presented on the stage of the Pushkin Theatre pot-pourri of the world famous literary works and supported the “Island of Hope” by the earnings from the sale of tickets.

Russian media giant RT together with ORIENT reported about the event, once again demonstrating the importance of such social projects for society.

Students of the Humanitarian University of the capital held in the center the Saturday volunteer work-in and helped to vaccinate the dogs.

Now the actors of the Pushkin Theatre have become marathoners of good.

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