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Creativity as a way of life: the Ashgabat Art-bazaar gathered masters and needlewomen once again

11.02.2018 | 13:51 |
 Creativity as a way of life: the Ashgabat Art-bazaar gathered masters and needlewomen once again


The Art-Bazaar, which gathered many masters of various kinds of applied art, was held in Ashgabat Shopping and Entertainment Center “Bagtyyarlyk”.

As the organizers say, the Art-Bazaar is a great opportunity for talented people to show their creativity as well as share their discoveries and findings.

Each participant has his own way in the art world: someone has an initial art education, and someone - a self-taught. All are united by a creative view of the world around them and a desire to bring their own unique touches into it.

There are colourful paintings and pictorial gobelin tapestries; handicrafts from gems, wood and all sorts of improvised materials; small sculptures and “cozy” soft toys; designer household items and souvenirs and some other items at the fair that are created by imagination, skill and sharpness of minds of needlewomen. These are not just author's works, each work full of warmth and kindness inspired by the soul's inspiration, of joy of pleasant surprise, of some kind of not pompous, but family-kind tender intonation.

One of the masters, for example, shared that a wonderful sense of motherhood gives her the creative ideas and images. Due to it, probably, her works are filled with tenderness, light and tender love, like a lullaby.

At the Art-Bazaar, which has become a regular event in the capital's Shopping Center “Bagtyyarlyk”, you can find and purchase truly unique products – unique in the full sense of the word, original in the way of self-expression.

Even some moments of imperfection do not crumple, do not shock anybody, on the contrary, they are captivated by that sincerity of “home” eccentricity, which we can afford among loved ones. That is why the whole exhibition turned out to be a confidential revelation, a wonderful gift to the townspeople who came to the shopping center for shopping, but stayed there for another couple of hours, smashing amazing things and thinking: “What would I do myself?”

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