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Alive Oriental Bazaar – across the routes of Great Silk Road

08.02.2018 | 20:43 |
 Alive Oriental Bazaar – across the routes of Great Silk Road

Bright, enchanting performance, recreating the scenes from the life of the Great Silk Road, took place on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the facilities of new cottages at residential area Taze Zaman on Wednesday.

Colorful images, vividly describing the events narrated on the pages of the book “Turkmenistan-the Heart of the Great Silk Road” by the President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov”, allowed all viewers of this enactment to make a journey through time, feel the powerful spirit of the era of cultural, economic, scientific exchange, once existed along the great trade corridor.

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Brisk dealers praise their range of food goods – delicious melons and juicy watermelons, sweet halva and raisins, bags with snow-white rice, wheat grain and millet.

Waves of colorful silk, velvet, brocade and satin fly in the hands of other merchants, offering shawls, robes, silk carpets to the beauties and around buyers.

It is impossible to pass by the craftsmen, who advertise a variety of utensils made of clay, porcelain, copper and wood, painted plates, jugs, jewelry.

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One can notice in rambling diverse crowd of purchasers haggling French, Germans, Portuguese, and just, the idle wanderers.

While the market is noisy and silent, scientists who travel with caravans discuss and share their knowledge, enriching the world science with astronomical, geographical, and mathematical discoveries.

Meanwhile, the caravan-bashi (head of caravan) gives the cameleers the last orders and again at dawn a string of camels, loaded with rich goods, will leave the oasis and start the next long journey to other cities and countries.

However, here, on the Turkmen land, at the oriental bazaars of the Great Silk Road, the Europe met with the Asia, the West converged with the East in a dynamic stream of live trade and intellectual communication.

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