Officials told WHO experts about Turkmenistan’s potential to combat COVID-19

Officials told WHO experts about Turkmenistan’s potential to combat COVID-19

Turkmenistan has sufficient potential and resources to quickly analyze and respond to COVID-19 cases. This was stated on Friday by the head of the Turkmen Foreign Ministry Rashid Meredov at a meeting with experts from the WHO Regional Office for Europe who arrived in the country on a ten-day working visit.

Experts from the World Health Organization were given the opportunity to meet with other officials to familiarize themselves with all the activities to ensure the preparedness of the country’s relevant services to confront the pandemic.

The guests met with the leadership of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan. They discussed specific measures taken by the government to respond to the threat of the spread of coronavirus.

Local experts take into account the results of recent scientific research on COVID-19, it was noted during the meetings. So, the authorities launched an information campaign to notify the public about the risk of coronavirus infection by air, through tiny aerosol drops. This week, WHO officially confirmed the possibility of a pandemic spreading in this way.

Two national Coronavirus Response Plans have been launched in Turkmenistan, providing a high level of preparedness for the country to combat the pandemic. President Berdimuhamedov approved one of them on July 3, ordering the country’s foreign ministry to intensify cooperation in this direction with UN agencies and international financial organizations.

In meetings with experts from the WHO mission, Turkmen officials also spoke about the start of the development of a third national plan, which will focus on the humanitarian component of the fight against COVID-19.