Nowruz and Painting: Exhibition to Celebrate the Spring Holiday

Nowruz and Painting: Exhibition to Celebrate the Spring Holiday

The Exhibition Center of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan hosts an Art Exhibition dedicated to the Nowruz holiday. The exhibition xomprised of the works of many talented artists, including Mered Klychev, Tachmurad Eyyamberdyev, Shemshat Mammedova, Natalya Kalugina, Polat Annamuradov, as well as sculptors Vitaly Charyev, Abdymuhammed Oramadov and many others.

– Novruz is a happy and exciting time, when everything around is gaining new strength. And we, artists, immediately take brushes and go outside to paint. I have recently returned from such a countryside trip,” Natalya Kalugina sys. In the painting “My Heart in the Mountains” she depicted the extraordinary beauty of the Turkmen nature, masterfully emphasized the greatness of the mountain peaks.

Mered Klychev, People’s Artist of Turkmenistan, likes to paint mountains also. Mountains are presented in almost all of his paintings, and with the coming of spring season, he, as a painter, getting to be inspired even much more.

“Many of my paintings were made at this special season of the year, in unity with our beautiful and picturesque nature,” the artist says.

“Every season has its own beauty, features and its fans. One artist loves autumn, while another – snow-white winter and I love spring. In my works, I always prefer to use bright colors; I like to reveal the beauty of woman, the beauty of Turkmen jewelry and national dresses. One of my favorite topics is to draw a lilac, which to bloom very soon,” Shemshat Mammedova notes.

The exhibition will run until the end of the month.