A little girl was looking through the window. Light rain drizzled outside the window, unnoticeably turning into snow pellets. It was New Year’s Eve. Dad has not returned from work, and mom went to the hairdresser, having instructed the little girl to stay at home, wait for her coming back and do not touch anything.

Therefore, the girl, climbing onto a chair, propping her cheeks with her fists, sat at the window, watching how the snow covers the street with a thin layer, falls on houses, trees, passers-by. The snow was falling silently, the room was also filled with silence, and the girl felt sad.

“I have to think about something funny”, she decided, and began to think that dad would come soon, they would decorate the Christmas tree, and tomorrow morning mom will start bustling in the kitchen. Then the guests would gather and the celebration would begin.

The little girl climbed off the chair and headed for the closet, where there was a desired box with Christmas toys. Despite the prohibition of touching anything (it was not very strict) she took the most beautiful colorful ball out of the box and began to scrutinize it. The ball surface reflected the girl’s face which seemed funny to her, and the girl laughed.

Then she put the ball on the windowsill. The ball was motionless, and the girl wanted it to sparkle with lights. She twisted the ball like a spinner, but the glass toy made a circle, twisted to the edge of the windowsill and swiftly fell to the floor. Shards splashed with a merry tinkle.

“What fragile these balls are”, the girl thought. “But dad and mom, of course, will forgive and will not scold me, because they love me. And even if they scold me, I will also forgive them, because all people must be forgiven on the New Year’s Eve”.

The little girl gathered the shards and laid them out on the windowsill. Broken fragments look unattractive, but the girl had not known that yet, and it seemed to her that these pieces of the broken ball still decorated the room a little. And she nuzzled her nose against the window again.

Passers-by walked along the street, sheltering from wind and snow with raised collars. “I wonder what people think about on the New Year’s Eve?”, the little girl asked herself and answered herself: “They are probably rushing home to give presents to someone. It would be nice to go out and congratulate all passers-by on the New Year’s Holiday and give everyone a small piece of a colorful ball to make them happy”. But she could not leave the house, and so the girl began to clap on the glass with her palm and friendly wave her small hand to passers-by, turning into a knock. People smiled and waved back.

Then her attention was captured by a tree growing in the courtyard opposite. Someone threw silver garlands on the branches, and a tree which was no different from the others yesterday, had turned into a little princess.

“I wonder what the trees think about on the New Year’s Eve?”, the girl thought and answered herself: “Probably to be decorated all the time”. Then she saw a fluffy puppy which ran around the snow-covered playground with a joyful bark. Most likely, it saw snow for the first time in its life. Having had enough of running, the puppy ran to a large shaggy dog, lying near the bench and closely watching its frisky jumps, and with pleasure pulled it by the ear. The dog began to explain something to the puppy in its canine language, and the kitten obediently lay down next to it.

“I wonder what the dogs think about on the New Year’s?”, the girl thought and again answered herself: “Probably about someone letting them into a warm house and deliciously feeding them”.

And then a simple and extremely clear thought came to her: “But then it turns out that people, trees, and dogs think about the same thing: “That someone cares about them, talk with them, and just love them. You always need someone to love you. And not only on the New Year’s Eve”, she added aloud.

So, talking to herself, this little five-year-old girl had not yet realized that at that moment a great work was being done in her childish soul – it was filled with light, a desire to do good to everyone around her, and was ready to embrace the whole world, as colorful, bright and fragile as a glass Christmas ball.

…The girl was looking out of the window. Behind the white frame of the window, a rare, small snow fell, covering with a light batiste cloth the streets, houses, trees, passers-by. In the square opposite the house, a tall, thin tree decorated with garlands swayed in the wind. Garlands fluttered like a plume of queen’s dress.

There was a special evening silence in the room, which was broken only by the rustling of paper. That was the little girl who was rummaging in a box with Christmas toys, pulling out a colorful glass ball. “Now she will break it”, the woman thought and smiled. Indeed, the ringing of broken glass and a cheerful cry rang out immediately: “Mom, I broke a ball!” It was the New Year’s Eve…

Those who, from a young age, have a sense of celebration are happy. They grow to become happy adults and a sense of light and joy accompany them all their lives, filling and making it cleaner.

Wladimir ZAREMBO