New Year’s parties at the Main New Year’s Tree of Turkmenistan canceled for prevention purposes

Due to the difficult epidemiological situation in the region and in the world, New Year’s parties for children have been canceled in Turkmenistan. These were held in Ashgabat at the Main New Year’s Tree of the country in front of the Alem Cultural and Entertainment Center and at the New Year’s Tree set in a building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

According to information available to ORIENT, the main symbols of the New Year, New Year’s trees decorated with toys, will be set, but festive events have been canceled in order to prevent infectious diseases and protect the health of children and adults.

Traditionally, festive events for children at these trees with the participation of Ayazbaba (Santa Claus) and Garpamyk (Snow Maiden) were held all days during the school winter holidays.