New Year’s numerology: calculating the code of success for 2020

New Year’s numerology: calculating the code of success for 2020

Numerology seeks to explain everything that happens around us – our past, future and present – with the help of numbers. This is a system of esoteric beliefs about the mystical connections of numbers with physical objects, processes and people’s lives, their consciousness. Experts in this area believe that calculating the success code will help you find out the real plans of fate for 2020.

Numerological calculation

An individual code of fate, or a code of success for each year, is calculated in quite a simple way. To do this, you need to know what year is coming and what is your date of birth. The year 2020 has come, so we only need to come up with a date of birth for an example of calculations. Let it be 09/02/1985.

You need to add all the digits of the date of birth and next year: 0 + 2 + 0 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 38. Numerology operates with numbers from 1 to 9, so we add up the numbers until we get a number from this segment. 3 + 8 = 11, 1 + 1 = 2. It turns out that the success code is equal to Two.

Deciphering the success code

First, remember the general tips about your number. For example, if you get a success code of 7, you should often schedule important appointments for this date or for this time. If you have to go somewhere by train or bus, buy tickets for seventh place or in a seventh carriage. In financial affairs and raising money, carrying coins in your wallet will help you. If, for example, you get the number 9, then try to keep at least 9 coins in your wallet.

Experts also note that the resulting number in the calculations will symbolize luck for you. For example, if you are in doubt about something, you can pay attention to the numbers associated with the subject or events. A dress costs 555 roubles, and your success code is 5, so you should buy this dress. Your success code is 1, and the interview was scheduled for 11 hours, which means that there is a high probability of success.

One. If you get the number 1, then the new year will be bright enough for you and saturated with important events. It is necessary to devote more time to relatives and friends. Lonely people will be able to find a soul mate.

Two. This number indicates that in 2020 you should focus on your personal affairs. The energy of this number is not suitable for teamwork, but for an individual game.

Three. Number 3 is the most spiritual and most powerful in energy of all. In 2020, you should seek new motivation and share your enthusiasm and optimism with others.

Four. This code of fate suggests that it is time to do not just one thing, but all at once. This is not about multitasking, but about the fact that you will have a real chance to succeed in all areas of life, albeit not immediately.

Five. Five symbolizes high precision, solidity. In 2020, try to set aside time for everything: for active work, for relaxation and for entertainment. You should avoid discouragement and inaction.

Six. Number 6 asks you to strive for new heights, not to sit still. This year you should not be content with little. We must continue to strive to conquer new heights. It is also not advisable to borrow and make rash purchases.

Seven. This number is obtained from those who need to avoid legal turmoil and problems with the law in 2020. The Universe wants you to do good, and also set foot on the path to correcting deficiencies. This time is great for spiritual practices.

Eight. In 2020, it is necessary to move from words to deeds. Do not hide from troubles within your comfort zone. You need a shake, movement, activity. If you spice up activity with caution and prudence, you can emerge victorious from any situation.

Nine. Your code of fate indicates that good luck will follow you everywhere. The coming year will be very positive. You will be able to realize the most secret dreams.

Whatever your success code may be, remember that 2020 can bring unpleasant surprises, because it will be a leap year. Try to plan your business as carefully as possible and not risk it again.

Mirrored 2020: what numerologists say about the magic of numbers

The mirror date 2020 in numerology is called angelic. Numerologists will tell what will happen in 2020 in a leap year.

The number four, under the auspices of which the New Year 2020 will take place, will affect all spheres of life. This number indicates stability and prosperity, but it will not be possible to reach them in a hurry. In the new year, numerologists recommend paying more attention to random events, which, when examined in detail, will add up to signs. Thanks to attentiveness and intuition, it will be easier to foresee the troubles and correct the situation before it becomes critical.

Career and financial matters

Career growth in the new year can not be called rapid. Numerologists pay attention to the fact that the rush will be destructive, along with the supremacy of illusions. The mirror date does not tolerate deception, and together with the White Rat, the influence of the number calls for responsibility and balanced actions. Systematic and painstaking work will bring you closer to your cherished dream step by step.

In terms of finances, the year promises to be stable, but also leisurely. In 2020, the best things will be connected with deposits and purchases with an eye to the future. The year will turn out to increase accumulations thanks to additional earnings, however, it is not recommended to spend all your strength. Those who leave personal life unattended, throwing all their energy to work, need to be prepared for misunderstanding and conflicts with loved ones.

With regard to the business environment, intuition will play a huge role, thanks to which it will be possible to resist rash acts and cope with many troubles. You need to trust your experience, not burying the talent in the ground, if something failed on the first try. Personal opinion is important, but it should not become an occasion for selfishness and conflicts in the business environment.

An important component of success in 2020 will be observation. The mirror date is mystical, and the signs of fate will help to understand which way to move in order to achieve prosperity and happiness.


Numerology and numerological fortune-telling were popular among early mathematicians, such as the Pythagoreans, and are not considered mathematical knowledge now, as in the case of the separation of alchemy from chemistry or astrology from astronomy.