New Year’s hand-made decorations

New Year’s hand-made decorations

On New Year’s Eve, all stores have already been overflowing with holiday-themed goods. But New Year’s hand-made crafts always look beautiful and, the main thing, creative. They can be made from makeshift materials – paper, ribbons, fabric, dried berries, garlands, etc. Each of them charges with positive energy in its own way.

A “host” of the coming 2021 – a White bull – a symbol of hard work, balance and determination will look amazing and will give a highlight to the New Year’s tree. Experienced needlewomen can knit and sew the figure of the coming year’s protector.

A special experience is not required for such sewing. You only need to prepare patterns (patterns can be downloaded from the Internet), and then cut them out. Templates are transferred to felt fabric, and then the parts are connected with glue or thread. To add brightness and liveliness to the craft, you can use buttons, ribbons, beads or any other decor.

You can also make a snowman out of an old sock. To do this, cut the sock in half and evert it half out. Tie the end of the sock with a thread and fill with rice grits. Outline the location of the future snowman’s head. The top of the sock is fixed with threads, and the bottom of the snowman’s head is tied. A piece of colored fabric will serve as a scarf, and you can make all the missing parts from buttons and decorative needles. From the remaining part of the sock, you can sew a cap for a toy, and your snowman will look original and festive.

The craftswoman Bahar Durdyeva has also replenished her collection with handmade products for the Christmas tree decoration in the national style. ORIENT has repeatedly narrated her works in which Turkmen motifs set the tone.

The main feature of the coming 2021 year is naturality and naturalness. Eco-design is primarily natural materials in the decoration, decorative elements made with your own hands and natural shades. And the works made in the national style perfectly fit into the style of “naturalness” of New Year’s decorations-2021.