New “visiting cards” to enrich Ashgabat

New “visiting cards” to enrich Ashgabat

According to official reports, on October 2, President of Turkmenistan with relative Deputy Prime Ministers and number of ministers and department heads made working trip around the capital, having inspected the situation at major construction sites that are scheduled to be commissioned next year.

Several hours later, the ORIENT correspondent also visited these important construction sites.

Find below all what he saw and captured on his tablet.

As it seemed to me, the grandiose construction in the south of the Turkmen capital in the foothills of the Kopetdag Mountains reached a crucial stage. In rapid pace, the French Bouygues is continuing to build business and financial centers in Ashgabat.

The International Congress Center, the Government Tribune, the buildings of the State Commercial Türkmenbaşy Bank, and the Join Stock Commercial Senagat Bank are among these new facilities under construction.

The buildings, as it should be, are designed in accordance with the general landscape of the capital.

There is a wonderful autumn season in Turkmenistan that reminds that reminds a spring weather more along with the noise of construction vehicles, negotiations between site specialists, light sun and warm wind. All these contribute to a good mood and, in all probability, effective work of the construction teams that build the future – where we will try to have a look with the help of visual impressions and drawings and layouts of new facilities scheduled for putting into operation in the near future.

The International Congress Center, as well as the International Reception Center and the Reception Center of the Presidential Administration, which are integral parts of the architectural ensemble, are scheduled to be commissioned in 2020. Three-floor buildings located on a vast area will become the venue for large forums of regional and global importance.

Celebrations on the occasion of the next anniversary of Turkmenistan Independence Day will be held here, at the new Government Tribune that is being constructed by the French Bouygues under order of the Ashgabat City Hall.

The area of the facility is about 20,5 square meters. It includes the President Tribune and honorary guests tribune for 2,000 seats.

The buildings of the Türkmenbaşy and the Senagat Banks are also designed as functional customer-oriented centers. As representatives of the French company told us, both 15-floorbuildings are designed with the priority for the comfort of visitors and conditions for the rational organization of work of bank staff.

The luxurious Arkadag Hotel that designed to receive high-level guests is of special attention.

This hotel, as to project drawings, will look impressive from both a bird’s eye view and front-face.

An artificial river will flow near the Arkadag hotel – all this, according to President Berdimuhamedov, will create a pleasant microclimate here as it was implemented in Avaza with its artificial canal.

The construction of the International Medical and Aesthetic centre, which is being built by the Turkish Gap İnşaat, is also ongoing. The centre will provide services for the health recovery and good health, various care and relax procedures. For this, spa rooms and beauty salons will be equipped with the latest technologies.

All new buildings, like any other construction sites in the city, are initially planned taking into account the green areas that will enrich each building. Local architects and builders being tasked “think globally, act locally”, do their job very well as the damage to nature during the construction of buildings is minimized and the losses are made up upon completion of work.

Therefore, the neighbourhood improvement that 2-3 times larger than the construction site and which then to be planted with trees is initially included in the project.

The construction works are very complicated. The main purpose of the buildings being built obliges Bouygues and Gap İnşaat to use all available resources, the best building materials, innovative approach and the latest technologies to ensure maximum efficiency.

In addition to above-mentioned, many other facilites are scheduled to be commissioned in the Turkmen capital. So, in the coming 2020, Ashgabat residents will enjoy not only a series of architectural premieres, but also new sights, which are called here a “visiting card”.

There were many here! And how many more would be ahead?