New technologies from Microsoft in tennis

New technologies from Microsoft in tennis

In a bilateral partnership, Microsoft will provide the International Tennis Federation (ITF) with the latest technology at the recently renamed Billie Jean King (formerly Fed Cup) in honor of the outstanding athlete.

Thus, athletes and coaches will have access to analytical data of the match, in real time, using ball tracking cameras and three-dimensional radar systems used in professional tennis competitions. This will allow them to further adjust the strategy of the game and improve the player’s performance.

“As a coach or captain on the sideline, you can use all the information – data and analytics from recent games,” King said. – You can say, “This is what happened and this is what we need to do.”.

The new dashboard, available on Microsoft Surface tablets, leverages the Azure platform to process and analyze the key elements of the game – player movement, ball, shot and scoring data. It will be available at the Billie Jean King Cup Final in Budapest next April.

ITF Science and Technology Chief Jamie Capel-Davis said:

“If you are a player, you always need to know the following things: where should I pass and what speeds do I need? The dashboard offers these analytics. We have data for several years. You may have already played with this particular player. So what happened in that previous match? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Which of your actions was effective and what could you repeat?”