New technologies for training and health: Ashgabat hosts the exhibition of education and sports

New technologies for training and health: Ashgabat hosts the exhibition of education and sports

In Ashgabat, in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry the international exhibition devoted to development of education system and sports sphere is held. Companies from tens countries of the world, world renowned high schools and universities of Turkmenistan, sports organisations are represented in it. During the exhibition presentations of digital technologies for training, large sports events and many other things were organised.

Participants of the exhibition with pleasure tell how and what is arranged, show the latest achievements of companies and educational institutions, discuss cooperation possibilities.

Among especially remembered pavilions – the stylised white “hi-tech” yurtas. It is an installation of the Ministry of Sports and the Youth policy of Turkmenistan which under an ethnographic signboard opens before visitors process of preparation for world championships in sambo and bicycle track which Ashgabat will host in 2020 and 2021 accordingly. Here even it is possible to “ride” on a bicycle-tandem in its training variant.

The general attention was involved with demonstration performance of pupils of sport clubs and federations of Turkmenistan. The gymnasts flexible, apparently, extensively, the wrestlers showing effective techniques, the karatekas barehanded breaking a tile. Heat of emotions – as on the sports arena.

Further – sport stock sector. Sport club “Dynamics” represents the equipment for practice of fitness which is popular now among women – cycling and there they are demonstrated. For brutal half of mankind the table for arm-wrestling with convenient fastenings for hands is put. Force of hands and no swindle!

The central part of the hall is occupied with pavilions of Turkmen high schools. Accent – on integration of the latest technologies into educational process. Therefore an abundance of monoblocks, touch panels and tablets it is not necessary to be surprised. Parents and the future students with pleasure study programs given by educational institutions and career prospects after graduation.

The pavilion of Institute of World Languages named after Azadi which presented innovations in the sphere of preparation of linguists and philologists is interesting. The program of the high school includes 14 foreign languages.

The great attention was involved also with the stand of the engineering-technological university named Oguz Han. It is thematically divided into 2 parts – robots and biotechnologies of beauty. Man’s and female as organizers joke. Both in the first, and second parts workings out of students of the high school are presented.

Cybertrend almost has not almost yielded unless Turkmen national conservatory named after Maya Kulieva. From gadgets here – a player for disks, connected to the laptop, and in the rest all on the classic: “live” sound of a string quartet, musical instruments from warm tree and chords taken from them.

Educational centre “Dalchyn” has presented the updated program of study of languages, made on the basis of recommendations of Cambridge University.

Further – the foreign high schools offering the possibilities for the Turkmen youth, wishing to continue education and scientific career. The Moscow State University, the Kazan University, high schools of Malaysia, Japan, Germany, Singapore… And everyone has its technique of training and the impressing list of known graduates.

Travelling in the exhibition, it is impossible to pass by little tables at which absolutely young participants of the exhibition sit with something reminding an abacus. To you for certain will suggest checking up their abilities. In what? In mental arithmetics. Schoolboys put with ease, subtract, multiply and divide five-digit numbers in mind, and thus can tell any verse.

Teachers even suggested visitors to check up, who will fast count. Correspondent of the ORIENT only 3 times from 6 has had time to answer in time. It has appeared, it is quite good result that pleases. The exhibition will last two days. Entrance is free.