New Sports Federation unites the Turkmen wrestlers

New Sports Federation unites the Turkmen wrestlers

The Ashgabat Arm Wrestling Championship will be held in the capital on December 22, with participation both men and women teams. The women is showing an active interest in this power sport.

“This year we have already held competitions where women participated. The women team has showed good results and desire to reach the top place along with the men,” Ahmed Pirovov, Chairman of the Athletic Federation of Turkmenistan, says.

“We have been trying to develop arm wrestling in Turkmenistan for more than four years. Every year, new guys come to go in for this sport. It was a big event for us to get accreditation. Now we have changed the status from the sports and athletic center to the category of the official federation, which includes six power sports: powerlifting, weight lifting, bodybuilding, arm wrestling, strongman, mas wrestling”.

Anyone of the full legal age who wish to test the strength is invited to participate in the upcoming arm wrestling championship. Women will compete at the weight categories of 55 up to 80+ kg, while men – from 55 to 110 kg weight categories.

“Our guys train in different fitness centers. Someone, taking part in arm wrestling competitions, doesn’t stand the first sparring, while another athlete is taking to arm wrestling as he doesn’t miss a single tournament, and we are inviting these guys to the national team,” Ahmed Pirovov said.

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