New recreation area in  Ashgabat – “Golden” Lake opens the season

New recreation area in Ashgabat – “Golden” Lake opens the season

A new recreation area has opened on the northern part of Ashgabat. It is located on the shore of the lake, once known as Kurtlinskoye, and today officially named “Golden” – Altyn köl.

It seems as a golden at the prime, when the rays of the rising sun make its water look like a flowing melt of precious metal.

President Berdimuhamedov proposed the idea to turn this place on the border of the Turkmen capital and the Karakum desert, which was undeservedly forgotten for decades, into a comfortable recreation area near the water.

Taking into account that the coastal resort of Avaza is closed until the end of summer season due to the coronavirus pandemic, and bathing in the Caspian Sea is also prohibited as a precaution for this period, the idea came in time.

Every summer, thousands of Ashgabat residents used to have family vacations at the sea in Turkmenbashi, Avaza, Khazar and other resort palces of the Caspian coast at least for several days. And it’s quite difficult for many to give up with idea about long-awaited vacation with a carefree beach vacation …

Но появилась альтернатива, которая очень быстро обрела реальные очертания. И вот сегодня заброшенная прежде территория предстала в кардинально обновленном и преображенном виде: взору открылся ухоженный пляж с бархатистым чистым песком, аккуратными строениями, тентами, кафе и магазинчиками, пирсом с лодочками…

It was an option that very quickly took on a real shape. And today, the previously forgotten territory appeared in a radically updated and improved form: here you can see a well-groomed beach with velvety clean sand, neat buildings, tents, cafes and shops, and pier with boats …

The opening ceremony of the recreation center was attended by the Head of State and many officials, which proves the status of this project as socially important.

President gave instructions during the inspection of the lake harbor and asked in detail about each component of the local infrastructure – from catering to security and rescue services on the water.

The recreation center presented today, which includes beach soccer, volleyball, other sports and children’s playgrounds, is only the initial stage of development of the lake coast.

There are more ambitious plans to create the hotel, restaurant and yacht infrastructure, facilities for the development of the tourism business, eco- and water tourism ahead.

From today, regular bus routes have been launched, or better said, several city bus routes have been extended to have a stop at the new recreation center near the Golden Lake.

At the moment, there is only one requirement for visiting this recreation area by local and foreign citizens – to have a health certificate, which is a completely objective requirement amid the coronavirus situation in the region and in the world.


Photo by Suleyman CHARIYEV
Video by Palvan GELDIYEV, Aleksey GIMALITDINOV