New episode of the popular movie series from “Turkmenfilm”

New episode of the popular movie series from “Turkmenfilm”

The first long-running Turkmen film series “Ömür Kerweni” (“Caravan of life”), which began shooting in 2013, became the most popular among fans of long-playing movies on TV. The plot of the serial film tells about the realities of modern Turkmenistan, how the life of young people develops together with a large country, what they dream about, what they strive for, and what heights they manage to achieve at home.

TV serials have become ingrained in our lives due to their relevance. In cinema, for example, what is happening today is reflected in a work of art that comes to light years later, or even centuries. Series also touch on the current themes, and some series are written by directors and playwrights just a few days before the shooting of the film’s sequel.

That is why many episodes of the daily movie romance are so vivid and recognizable. If the series is interesting, then the audience is imbued with the stories of characters, worries about the fate of each. This is exactly what happened with the movie series “Ömür Kerweni”. Director Shirli Mollaev initially wanted to shoot only a few episodes, but at the popular request of TV viewing public, he continued shooting the series about the fate of two friends.

The non-fictional story is quite real, and, according to the director, every character in this movie series has actual prototypes in life. But cinema is created so that it is impossible to distinguish between truth and artistic fiction.

“Ömür Kerweni” is really the first series of this scale, shot in Turkmenistan, – says the film’s Director Shirli Mollaev. – Of course, before this time, there were small TV series consisting of 3-6 episodes, and the events reflected in them usually covered a small period of the characters’ lives. And in the series “Caravan of life” the destinies of several generations are intertwined, so it is very interesting for the viewer to keep watch over them and wait for what will further happen. We together with the co-authors of the screenplay tried to hide the “intrigue” in each episode, which awakens in the audience a desire not only to watch, but even to look forward to the continuation with great impatience.”

The editing of the 22nd episode of the film series has been recently completed, and the Director just enigmatically smiles when asked if this is the final part of the story.

“Who knows? When we conceived this series, we reckoned only on the fact that we will be able to capture the attention of the audience for a while. Six years have passed away since the start of filming, during that time the entire film crew was awarded the President’s award “Türkmenistanyň Altyn Asyry”, and this award stands high.”

The Oguzkhan “Turkmenfilm” Association does not suspend its work for a day. The studio’s treasury contains a huge number of historical epics, eposes and novels to be screened. Today, videos about healthy lifestyles and sports are being actively shot, and several films are being made for the 25th anniversary of neutrality.

“The studio is constantly recruited by young specialists, – says Yazmurad Shadurdyev, Chairman of the “Turkmenfilm”. – And that’s encouraging. Batyr Batyrov, a graduate of the Institute of Culture, showed his proper spirit – the young Director has already managed to make several films, and for the film work “Kämlligi yol” (“Path to perfection”), the young man received a state award. I always try to attract more young people, because they think in a different way. In addition, today there is a lot of modern cinema equipment that allows to implement any, even the most venturous creative ideas.”