New ecosystem of fostering geniuses will promote innovative development of Turkmenistan

New ecosystem of fostering geniuses will promote innovative development of Turkmenistan

Earlier this month, President Berdimuhamedov signed two decrees that should promote innovative development of Turkmenistan. This applies to documents aimed at improving in the country the teaching of subjects in the natural and exact sciences, as well as the development of an intellectual property system.

These two decrees laid the foundation for the creation of a kind of ecosystem for fostering and supporting a new generation of scientists, engineers and inventors. On the one hand, the Government will create conditions for young people to acquire the necessary knowledge, and on the other hand, provide material incentives for their talents and abilities.

It follows from the Presidential decrees that attention will be paid, first of all, to improving the qualifications of school teachers and the introduction of innovative teaching methods.

Keeping children interested in the exact sciences is not an easy work. A special approach is needed, aimed not at strict training, but rather at drawing attention to the amazing properties and laws of nature. Local teachers will be trained to use exactly these methods in the coming years.

An intellectual property system, in turn, should provide material incentives for inventors. Bringing it in line with modern realities is vital for the emergence of domestic innovations.

In practice, the concept of intellectual property allows people to profit from their inventions throughout their lives. This prospect inspires dozens of inventors around the world. They are experimenting, researching, and devoting themselves to finding answers to the most complicated questions. And the answers to them should produce one very important result – to improve people’s lives.