New conference in Beijing opens for guests a variety of cultures of Asia

New conference in Beijing opens for guests a variety of cultures of Asia

An exhibition “Mastery of Civilizations” opened up the diversity and uniqueness of the cultures of the peoples of Asia in Beijing, on the basis of the National Library of China. It has become one of the numerous events at the Conference on the dialogue among Asian civilizations.

At the exhibition, artists from 13 countries presented their works and projects demonstrating the diversity of their own cultural heritage, as well as the common skill that emphasizes the ancient ties that bind the peoples of the continent.

The entire theme of the exhibition was reflected in the work entitled “Bai Na Yi” by Chinese artist Ma Defan – a piece of fabric in the form of a dress, consisting of various fabrics with a pattern. The inspiration for the installation was the traditional Chinese way of making clothes from the “bainayi” rags.

– People in the old days could not afford new clothes, so they collected used clothes, cleaned them and used pieces for sewing new ones.

This work symbolized the resilience of national cultures in the face of globalization, “less recognized” pearls “in the development of human society that found a way to survive, grow and come together.” It can be said that the dress made of pieces of traditional fabrics from China, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and other Asian powers symbolized the entire conference.

Artists from other countries of the region also presented their works at the exhibition: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Armenia, Central Asia, etc.

Fan Dian, chief curator of the exhibition and head of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, said that the exhibition should change people’s stereotypical notion that these crafts and the intangible cultural heritage that they represent is outdated.

– I believe that when visitors get into such an environment in which they find harmoniously mixed objects of intangible cultural heritage, they will have a clear answer about what kind of life they really want to lead, and in which environment of life they will feel most comfortable. , – complements colleague Wang Chen, vice president of China Arts and Entertainment Group, co-organizer of the exhibition.

The national culture, the intangible heritage of the ancestors is a great gift, a treasure that we must preserve and develop. Why is it necessary in the modern world, in which everything is somehow similar, and people try to be more equal than equals? In order not to lose yourself as a nation.

The world is diverse, and this is interesting. National cultures, languages and traditions make it so. And the guardians of the national spirit, the ancient sacraments are the guardians of a unique mosaic of cultures. And the more people know about how rich and diverse the world treasury is, the more interesting it is to live, travel and study its priceless exhibits.