New Code of Turkmenistan to equalize citizens and state in rights in court

New Code of Turkmenistan to equalize citizens and state in rights in court

A new version of the Administrative Procedure Code of Turkmenistan has been approved in Turkmenistan, which equalize citizens and the state in rights in court. It will enter into force on July 1, 2021, which will be a turning point in the history of the development of the country’s judicial system.

According to the new Code, citizens will be able to bring in an action against state bodies in case of violation of their legal rights, freedoms and interests. The oral procedure will be available in administrative proceedings, which is aimed to speed up the process of making judgments as much as possible.

The court will be obliged to help individuals and legal entities collect evidence in their favor, thereby equalizing their possibilities with the administrative authorities. In addition, the court, on its own initiative, will find out additional circumstances of the case, without imposing this obligation on the participants in the process.

The losing party in court proceedings will be ordered to pay costs related to conducting various examinations and investigations. That is, any citizen, regardless of his financial capabilities, will receive all the necessary tools from the court to search for and provide evidence in his favor.

The presence of administrative justice is a key indicator of the level of development of the judicial system in the country. It ensures the right of ordinary citizens to a fair trial, allowing them to defend their interests enjoying equal right in disputes with state authorities.

The Administrative Procedure Code provides for trial open to the public. Anyone can attend trial, including media representatives. The court decisions on the results of the proceedings will be announced publicly.