Neutral Turkmenistan through the eyes of several generations of fine art masters

Neutral Turkmenistan through the eyes of several generations of fine art masters

The Capital Museum of Fine Arts has organized an exhibition in honor of the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s neutrality. The exhibition presents the works of Turkmen masters of painting, sculpture and decorative and applied arts that embody the multi-faceted cultural heritage of the country.

But there are not many countries in the world with the status of recognized permanent neutrality – in addition to Turkmenistan, among them are Switzerland, Austria and Cambodia. The newly opened creative exhibition also includes numerous gifts from foreign guests on the days of international cultural events, because positive neutrality is in tune with the policy of “open doors”.

Fine art is the best translator of the spiritual culture of the people. This is evidenced by the works of folk artists of Turkmenistan, who have captured the masters of folk epics, storytellers and bakhshies on their canvases.

The theme of musicality of Turkmens is also emphasized by the folk instruments presented – ancient dutar and tuiduk, which are carefully hidden in carpet covers with a traditional pattern. Images of People’s Bakhshi Dovletgeldy Okdirov and Gijakist Annageldy Julgaev froze on portraits, and the national flag of Turkmenistan proudly flutters on a background of blooming green fields.

The history of the country is organically manifested in a pottery. Thus, the ancient jug is painted with miniature architectural sights of the Kunya-Urgench historical and cultural reserve, which was the ancient capital of Northern Khorezm. As if continuing historical milestones, camel caravans follow each other along the Great Silk Road, and their slender step is captured on the Gobelin tapestries of Sulgun and Annaguly Khojakulievs.

A unique exhibit presented at the exposition is an art work made of amber chips. This unusual canvas is a gift of foreign guests who came to Turkmenistan. The painting called “autumn”, made by the method of amber dusting and encrusted with natural stone, is a kind of talisman of the Ashgabat Museum of Fine Arts.