Negotiations between the USA and the Taliban started in Qatar

Negotiations between the USA and the Taliban started in Qatar

After some months of a break the USA have renewed negotiations with the “Taliban” movement in Qatar, informs the Afghani TV channel “Тоlo” referring to an anonymous American source.

«Today the USA renewed negotiations in Doha. In the focus of discussion there will be reduction of violence which will lead to the Intra-afghan negotiations and cease-fire», – noted an edition source.

The day before the US State department informed that the special representative concerning the Afghani reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad went to Doha for negotiations with the Taliban.

As was already marked by «Afghanistan.Ru», earlier American diplomat visited Kabul where he carried on negotiations with the president of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, chief executive Abdulla Abdulla, and also other known Afghani politicians.

The new stage of the American-Taliban dialogue which was stopped at the beginning of September marked an exchange of the captives in the framework of which after release of three commanders of the Haqqani network under the control of the Taliban from captivity – teachers, two civil hostages of the USA and Australia were also released.

As reported by the «Voice of Afghanistan», Pakistan too welcomed renewal of peace talks between the USA and Afghanistan and expressed hope that they will lead to peace and stable life of the Afghani people.

In the official statement published by the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is told: «We hope that these efforts will lead to the Inter-Afghani negotiations and, finally, to peace and stable Afghanistan. Pakistan urges all groups to participate constructively in the given process».

– Pakistan always asserted that the military decision of the conflict in Afghanistan does not exist. Inclusive peace process covering all layers of the Afghani society, is a unique viable and far-sighted way, – as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan told in the statement.