Nature without Borders: CAREC Youth Training Launched in Almaty

Nature without Borders: CAREC Youth Training Launched in Almaty

Environmental challenges is multifaceted topic and is not easy to understand by everyone. “But it does not need to be done right away,” say experts at the Regional Environment Center for Central Asia. “You should start a small, which would certainly become big soon!”

The 10th Central Asian Leadership Program (CALP) has launched in Almaty. The event brought together young advanced professionals from Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan, working in state, non-governmental, media, academic and green business sectors.

“Nature does not set boundaries,” speakers, organizers, partners, and donors of the CAREC and the CALP – the OSCE, USAID, SDC, World Bank, UN Environment Programme, UNESCO, etc., repeatedly underlined at the opening ceremony. Thus, the “family” of Central Asian countries would not be complete without Afghanistan, which is historically and naturally close to the five Central Asian countires.

10th Anniversary CALP will mainly focus on environmental innovations and water diplomacy with emphasis on gender-sensitive negotiation and mediation skills. The lectures will provide latest innovative solutions to environmental challenges on national, regional and global levels.

– Today, young people represent the majority of the world’s population. You are our global future, and its majority. Tomorrow is in your hands. And we, gray-haired and with knowledge accumulated, will not leave you alone while facing with the difficulties that we and our predecessors made. We will provide you with the techniques, knowledge, experience and skills that we have accumulated so that you can, and I am sure that you can solve these problems,” said Andre Verli, representative of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

These techniques and methods will be presented to young representatives of the countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan during the next 10 days at the CALP Training Course and Regional Training on Water Diplomacy. As a result, the specialists of the 10th Leadership Program will join the CALP graduates and will be involved into activities in the field of water diplomacy, climate change, energy efficiency, gender equality based on the principles of inclusiveness and partnership in the context of sustainable development. It means that they will contribute to strengthening the role and voice of young professionals in the global agenda and to being its decision-makers tomorrow.