Nature Conservation Society of Turkmenistan plans to recycle glass and tires

Nature Conservation Society of Turkmenistan plans to recycle glass and tires

The garbage that remains on the streets and landfills is not only plastic, although there is a lot of it. These are paper, glass, food waste, metal, rubber and much more.

To minimize its impact on the environment, the NGO Nature Conservation Society of Turkmenistan expands its scope of activity. Now the organization, along with plastic, is planning to collect glass and tires for recycling.

The glass will be delivered to the glass factory, while tires will be recycled into crumbs and be used for the production of road surfaces.

Currently, the Society for the Nature Conservation Society of Turkmenistan is conducting waste collection campaigns in all regions of Turkmenistan and in the capital. During the last campaign, more than 7 tons of plastic were collected in Ashgabat, 5 tons – in Dashoguz, and 2 tons – in Balkan province.

Previously, citizens were asked to bring plastic garbage to the office of the Society or, to order a truck to bring waste of large volume. To centralize the garbage collection and to make people to sort the waste out, the society plans to place separate bins for glass, plastic and metal on the streets and at universities of the country.

In Ashgabat and Akhal province, there are containers for collecting plastic. Now, it is possible to throw a plastic bottle or a plastic plate into special bins that are placed in the some hotels, including Yildiz, Senagatchi, Vass and Nebitchi, at the production base and construction site of the Bouygues Turkmen company, at the territory of US Embassy and American school, in the private housing sector Makhtymkuli. This project was implemented in cooperation with the UNDP and the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan.