Nature Protection Society of Turkmenistan launched plastic waste collection

Nature Protection Society of Turkmenistan launched plastic waste collection

The NGO “Nature Protection Society of Turkmenistan” launched plastics waste collection campaign. The campaign purpose is to draw public attention to the problem of environmental pollution and jointing effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste.

Everyone can join the campaign and make the personal contribution to the environment protection just by collecting empty plastic bottles for water, cooking oil and household chemicals, and taking them to the reception point located at 23/1 Myati Kosayev Street. If you have accumulated a large amount of plastic packaging, the organization can help take them out.

In return the “Nature Protection Society of Turkmenistan” gives eco-volunteers seedlings of various plants that can be used to decorate the area at the house. An activist will get 3-4 seedlings for 10-15 kilograms of plastic waste.

The plastic is further recycled and reused for the production of flower pots, synthetic yarns demanded in the manufacture of bags, and much more.

To date, the NGO activists have collected and disposed of over 2.5 tons of plastic waste. According to the organization’s representatives, recently the regions of Turkmenistan, where its divisions also operate, have joined the environmental campaign.

– The less plastic bottles are in the garbage bins, the cleaner our environment will be. We are sure that we will be able to achieve our goal of keeping our nature clean, – NGO representative Merdan Orazmedov comments.

The organization also conducts field actions. Last year, employees of the “Nature Protection Society of Turkmenistan” which is a member of the “International Union for Nature Protection”, conducted an environmental campaign in the Caspian Sea to clean part of the coast from garbage.

On the occasion of the World Cities Day celebrate on October 31, the organization jointly with UNDP, will conduct planting of greenery actions with schoolchildren in the suburbs of Ashgabat.