National style in New Year decorations – trend 2020

National style in New Year decorations – trend 2020

National symbols in Turkmenistan are experiencing another boom in popularity. Modern readings of traditional styles do not leave Ashgabat podiums, and every Turkmen girl has jewelry from “Aladzha” – amulets woven from threads -. Now the national symbolism has mastered in decorative objects. It all started with New Year decorations …

Shasenem Berdymuradova and her sister Jemal are trendsetters in this area. They are the ones who set the fashion for charming interior New Year trees from Aladzha and Ayaz Baba (Turkmen Santa Clauses) in hand-sewn galoshes.

– Thanks to my mother for teaching us everything: sewing, embroidering. Dresses for myself, their decor with hand-made patterns, I do myself,” Shasenem admits.

Having entered the Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Shasenem found unusual use for her talents – she combined her passion for the traditionally girlish embroidery craft and building design. Now in her portfolio there are earrings in the form of Greek columns and a Gothic brooch with Turkmen ornaments.

– Experimenting with a combination of various steels, I noticed that the Turkmen ethnicity is suitable for everything. It has both monumentality and grace, abstractness and imagery, it is very flexible, so it can be freely transformed in any manner,” the girl explains.

Now themed decor is popular – frame interior Christmas trees, emphasizing the atmosphere of the “home” holiday, stylized pendants, dolls. All products are unique – on the Internet one can not find any workshops on their creation, or similar items. How to make them is the secret of the craftswoman Shasenem.