Name in Turkmen music: to the 135th Anniversary of Bakhshi Mylly Tachmuradov

Name in Turkmen music: to the 135th Anniversary of Bakhshi Mylly Tachmuradov

An anniversary concert timed to the 135th anniversary of the birth of the great musician, folk bakhshi of Turkmenistan Mylly Tachmuradov, was held in the Great Hall of the Turkmen National Conservatory named after Maya Kuliyeva.

Opening remarks were delivered by Rejepmurad Annamuradov, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Social Sciences of the Turkmen National Conservatory, and People’s Artists – Professor Yolaman Nurymov and Amanovez Saparov, who addressed the audience on Tachmuradov’s life and career.

… Mylly Tachmuradov (1885-1960 life years) was born in the Akhal village of Yankala; his father was a peasant and music lover, and was known as a wrestler who performed at competitions and festivals. He named his son Annaseid, but the boy soon began to be called Myllydjyk as he was an affectionate child.

The first piece he performed on dutar that was coming from the bottom of his heart was “Suffering” (“Derdinden”). Soon, the famous Kel-bakhshi and Tachmammed Suhanguliyev were the tutors of Mylly.

In 1928, Viktor Uspensky, the famous ethnomusicologist of those time, during the folklore expedition to Turkmenistan, made musical notes of four instrumental pieces performed for him by Mylly Tachmuradov, whom the researcher described as “a very interesting musician” and “a very interesting dutarchi with a large repertoire”.

Mylly Tachmuradov really became a famous musician, while he did not sing, but he accompanied such famous singers as Sary-bakhshi, Garly-bakhshi, Nobat-bakhshi, and performed virtuoso dutar solos based on Turkmen folk melodies.

He was a star (as they would call him nowadays) on the state radio of Turkmenistan, where such musicians as Purli Sariyev and Tachmamed Sukhankuliyev performed with him. It should be noted, earlier, there were live broadcasting for musicians, no preliminary recording, just live. Later, Tachmuradov became the head of the Ensemble of Folk Instruments under the Radio Committee of Turkmenistan, where he worked until the end of his life.

He was not only talented interpreter, but also unique composer who has earned recognition and popularity for his works. However, the records of old folk melodies performed by him, kept in the “golden” radio fund, are of particular value.

Mylly Tachmuradov himself became a teacher for a galaxy of talented musicians, including the famous Chary Tachmammedov, Djepbar Khansakhatov, Sakhi Djepbarov and many others. He was the first to be awarded the title of “People’s Bakhshi of Turkmenistan” …

.. During the anniversary concert at the Turkmen National Conservatory, the ensemble of dutar players of the conservatory performed the works of Mylly Tachmuradov, the incomparable famous piano piece by Nury Khalmammedov, dedicated specially to Mylly Tachmuradov – “Sounds of Dutar” and many wonderful folk songs that have no age and which have been preserved and which retained their initial beauty and profoundness thanks to such masters as Mylly Tachmuradov.