Naftogaz demands from Gazprom to unblock access to Turkmen gas

Naftogaz demands from Gazprom to unblock access to Turkmen gas

Naftogaz demands from Gazprom to provide an opportunity to receive gas from Turkmenistan and independent Russian gas producers on the Ukrainian-Russian border. This was announced by Naftogaz Group Executive Director Yuri Vitrenko.

– Naftogaz reasonably requires that Gazprom unblocks an access to gas from Turkmenistan and independent producers in Russia, and gas for Gazprom’s European counterparts on the Ukraine-Russian border, Vitrenko wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

The reasonability of this request from Naftogaz is beyond doubt. If Gazprom is negotiating with Naftogaz about the transit of its gas to Europe through the territory of Ukraine, then why Naftogaz cannot demand or negotiate the transit of Turkmen gas to Ukraine through Russia.

Another thing is that it is possible to demand, however, it is most likely that it will not be possible to achieve a result.

Even if not the political tension between Moscow and Kiev, but just economy is taken into account, Turkmen gas will be cheaper than Russian. And this is not dumping, which Russian experts sometimes like to talk about. Simply, the cost of natural gas produced in the Turkmen desert will always be lower than gas produced in the northern regions of Russia.

And Gazprom in this respect, by default, cannot allow Ukraine to receive Turkmen gas through its gas transportation system. A few days ago, Alexander Novak, the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation said that Russia does not plan to change the legislation and allow the export of pipeline gas to Ukraine by any party other than the already existing exporter – Gazprom.

As is said, this is the rule from which no exceptions are made for anyone. One reason is that the Ukrainian example may be “contagious,” and other European gas consumers may also want to change suppliers.

In August this year, ORIENT reported that Bulgaria is negotiating gas purchases from Turkmenistan through swap transactions with the participation of Russia. This is all the same. Moscow cannot allow even the Bulgarians a swap with Turkmen gas, not to mention Ukraine. The Russian party understands that making an exception for someone is the same as open the floodgates, since then there will be no end to those who want to buy Turkmen gas.

Turkmenistan does not participate in these disputes, and Ashgabat adheres to a transparent and constructive position in this situation. There is a commodity – natural gas. If you can agree with Russia on transit, you are welcome, but if no, do not blame us.