Musical “Art Bazaar” promises to surprise guests

Musical “Art Bazaar” promises to surprise guests

Traditional “Art Bazaars” always bring together people of various creative professions: artists, decorators, designers, musicians, sculptors.

But the hand-made fair, which will be held on June 6th at the Bagtyyarlyk shopping center, promises to be special. The owner of the sensual mezzo-soprano Maya Gullaeva will perform for guests of the exhibition. The teacher of the department of solo singing of the Turkmen National Conservatory has an amazing voice – velvety, viscous and enchanting, and the works performed by her emphasize the creative atmosphere of “Art Bazaar” and its summer mood

Once a month, attending exhibitions and sales of handmade products has become a good tradition for Ashgabat residents. And the masters are now friends, whom you can always turn to for advice and exchange interesting ideas.

“We are happy to go to fairs and Art Bazaars with a class,” says Alina Vasilyevna, a junior teacher at a secondary school in Ashgabat. – The children really like the work of the Sherkhenov sisters, the dream catchers of Angelina Pankratova, toys and jewelry in the national style from Shasenem Berdymuradova. At school, in the labor lesson, they often try to repeat what they saw at such fairs. I think that inspiration will not leave children during the summer holidays.

And for sure – the family of Art Bazars’ participants is often replenished from among the regular guests of the exhibition. Visitors who want to not only repeat the seen works, but also to supplement them, present in their style, can easily soon be among the exhibitors.

“We are waiting for everyone!” Say the organizers of the “Art Bazaar”. And the type of creativity is traditionally not important for us. Everyone can find their place among a wide variety of submitted works. The main thing is to create from the heart.