Multiactive summer in Gökdere: fun for everyone

Multiactive summer in Gökdere: fun for everyone

Summer is not just a vacation time free from school, but it is also a good time for parents to think up some ploy to occupy the children and keep them from being lazy and spending hours on their mobile device. Such activities like sports sections, summer camps, going to the cinema, art clubs, reading books are in the standard list… And how would all this to combine?

There is a great option: in Gökdere Gorge near Ashgabat, there are 14 children’s health centers, where the regular summer holiday season began. Children 6 to 16 age are offered the opportunity to have a lot of entertainment, to meet new friends and have the freedom of expression in a safe and comfortable environment under supervision of qualified personal. In addition, there is the purest mountain air.

Here, children can acquire new skills and confidence in their chosen field of interest: master the chess and checkers, learn how to draw and glue layouts, use computer programs, and practice foreign language. In other words, spend time actively and with health benefits.

To encourage children to sports and creativity, regular competitions for the Gökdere Champions Cup are held between the centers, with the support of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Policy and the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan. Thus, there is enough fun for everyone!