Mr. Berdimuhamedov visited the capital’s new buildings

Mr. Berdimuhamedov visited the capital’s new buildings

On May 27, President Berdimuhamedov started his working day with inspection of works on modernizing the capital’s infrastructure, and a situation on construction sites in the south of Ashgabat.

The head of state reviewed in detail the projects of the building complexes of the Halk Maslahaty Apparatus and the Congress Center of Turkmenistan, the Reception Center, the Arkadag hotel and the project on modernizing the Maslahat köşgi Meeting Palace.

The President didn’t leave untouched the environmental component of the projects, pointing out the necessity to erect squares, fountains and green areas. Also, Mr. Berdimuhamedov paid attention to the quality of construction materials, the use of national decor in construction, digital technologies and advanced scientific experience in the erection of buildings.