Mountains, which you have already conquered, or where the “Health Path” leads to

Mountains, which you have already conquered, or where the “Health Path” leads to

Kopetdag Mountains are significant sight in Turkmenistan. Although they are not so big in comparison with mountain systems as the Himalayas, Karakorum or Pamir.

However, the “Health Path” that starts near the Gindivar Mountain, almost every weekend, and especially during the holidays attracts residents of Ashgabat – the Park at the beginning of the Kopetdag ridge became a popular place for family picnics and outdoor activity. On Sunday, September 1, there was a youth, student meeting with competitive passing the Path and demonstrational sports performances to music and songs.

It is widely known that walking on mountain trails with their indescribable energy, inspiring with air – the best healer of many ailments. Who at least once visited the mountains, overcoming physical exertion, mobilizing the will not to turn back halfway, reaching the coveted top, and then with a sense of great victory over himself will go down, he will definitely return here. Although…

“A clever one won’t go uphill!” – claim sluggards.

“But fools have nothing to do here!” – echo them those ones who overcome their weaknesses.

Because they do not understand the magic of tops intoxicating the soul when you are seemingly losing the last of your strength, scrambling over the slippery slopes, towering above the deep crevices hold yourself back, clinging to rocky ledges, and then, being akin to the rocks, “on top you stand intoxicated”. And boiling energy is a gift from the mountains for your perseverance.

… Unfortunately, all human can’t experience such ecstasy, because to conquer the high cliffs is the lot of young and strong ones.

What about teenagers? Or someone whose age is described as “respectable”?

That’s for them, this amazing Health Path was established in the beginning of this century. It didn’t come cheap. Concrete to build stairs on two tracks of the Path nearly thirty kilometers long, was brought into the mountains by helicopter.

But now, the Health Path is the place, where one can found not only energetic athletes, but also parents with young children, and grandparents and grandchildren. They don’t go far, of course, but they can deliberately climb the steps to the nearest peaks of Gindivar.

It is difficult to stay at the bottom, when the mysterious mountains are hospitably laid with wide steps. And nobody can just stay away to rise at least to the nearest arbor which marks the first kilometer of the passed way. And there, it seems, that the second one will lie down under your feet. And where is the second, there are the third, the fourth…

And now you look at the world from the highest point of the trail – 1000 meters above sea level seem even higher, the air – cleaner, and the views – more beautiful. Because every step, to overcome the height is your labor!

You look around and don’t believe your eyes. The foothills, feasted by the sun, seem to sweet-talk with lush greenery. The sky is so close that its azure can be scooped up in handfuls. And it seems that this is not a 15-minute drive from Ashgabat, but the other end of the planet, an unknown land, and you are its conqueror!

The great bard was right who said “Better than mountains can be only mountains, which you have not yet conquered”. And you want to go again to those mountains, where you have been more than once. Especially if the “Health Path” leads to them.