More goods – more capital

More goods – more capital

Turkmen business continues to steadily increase production in various industries. This is facilitated not only by the expansion of capacities, but also by the improvement of their technological component. New and efficient tools and equipment mean that workers can produce more products over a period of time.

Among the most successful enterprises are producers of pipes made of plastic and fiberglass. According to the State Committee of Turkmenistan on Statistics, in January-March 2021, the production of this type of goods in the private sector of the country’s economy increased 2.3 times compared to the first quarter of last year.

Statisticians also note a significant increase in production in the non-state sector of the agro-industrial complex and the food industry: cereals – by 139.7%, butter – 47.3%, mineral waters and soft drinks – 45.9%, sausages – 26.4%, confectionery – 14.7% whole milk products – 13.5%.

The production of garments and knitwear in the private sector increased by 2.7% in the same ratio, silk fabrics – by 2.2%.

More goods – more capital for investment and creation of new jobs, which means that the income of the population, its purchasing power, and trade is stimulated.

The country’s retail trade is almost entirely provided by entrepreneurship – today it accounts for 93.3%. At the same time, the volume of trade in the non-state sector increased in the first quarter by 19.2%.

And while most of this volume in monetary terms falls on Ashgabat, the Mary region also demonstrated good growth in the first three months of the year – more than 20%.